The spring-summer collection has meant a big deal of satisfaction for CAROCHE, specially due to the return of "DENIM"

This trend is shown in the basic part of the collection by introducing a new concept, "The Stricky Denim", a 14 oz. Denim which is developed from biologic cotton-and whose looks and touch are completely different from the standard one. The garments produced with this particular fabric are offered in three different old looking versions: "Old Brown", "Old Yellow", and "Old Red" (All of them handicraft processed)

Moreover, CAROCHE has rebuilt its old narrow shuttle looms in order to add the red selvage to the tradicional denim ring fabric. This pecial fabric is the base for the new ANSWER-V ready to wear whith folded halters. This fabric treatment gives it special features such as the no pre-wash need (BRUT) and the "already worn tissue" sensation.

On the other hand, CAROCHE has introduced DENIM to the women's fashion world by presenting the "PIERCING JEANS" concept. Fancy clothing, embroidery pants, frocks and "cotton piping" decorated bodices, jackets, waistcoats, and,frayed halter bell-shaped pants. Different denim weights have been used,for these producto as well as stretch and non stretch fabrics. They all have been decorated with real PIERCING.

Another part of the collection, called "hot chicks" introduces a range of wide volume and straight shaped women pants, made up with sophisticated and exclusive fabrics such as flowery jackards, gold and silver designs on stretch satin cloth, ceramic thread knitted fabrics and last generation extensible polyester.

"Mendhi Trip" is the woman's collection last part and, maybe, the most daring one. By the use of transparent crepes, CAROCHE creates a group of oriental-ethnic fabrics featuring dragons and Chinese ftower flocks and designs. These pants have wide volumes and their length shows the cloth hang over the shoes.

For the men, we point out two themes. The first one, as an inspiration from the 70s decade, shows low waist and bell shaped pants; 13 oz. denims and jackard fabrics are used and old patterns are retrieved from dusty files. It is important to include in this group the STAPREST styles.

The second group for men is called Ci2. It is thought for the young customer, and it is the essence of the BAGGYWEAR style. They show military and labor motives and are widely shaped Top resistance to usage and special reinforcing details make them the "NEW BASICS".

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