CASTER came into being in 1981 as a new alternative product aimed at the young market interested in affordable designer labels, offering good value for money.

We have worked intensively over these ten years to obtain a product on a par with international trends.

The boom in urban tribe fashion saw the arrival of street wear, sports wear and jeans wear designs:- an urban style which faithfully mirrors the trends, customs and life styles of today’s youth in their search for modernity, change and recycling, not afraid of mixing cyberculture and ecology.

Caster is constantly launching new proposals and creating styles to satisfy these needs. Caster is preparing to cross the threshold of the new millennium by creating modern styles using new fabrics, materials and technological finishes which combine tradition and technology: ideas and concepts Caster will provide for consumers in the 21st century.
Caster proposes four clearly defined styles for next season in the following lines:

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